Sunday, September 25, 2011


Once upon a time there was a Wimmick called Punchinello. Punchinello had no dots. The Wimmick in the village were putting stars on the other people.  Lucia dots had all fallen off.  When ever people put stars or dots on her it wouldn't stick, because she is a wooden girl. Some Wimmick in the village are different, some have big noses and others have large eyes.  Some were tall and others were short.  Everyday the Wimmicks did the same thing and they gave each other stickers.  Every Wimmick had a box full of golden star stickers and a box full of grey dots.  The pretty villages with smooth wood and fine paint always got stars.  If they did something wrong they have dots, the talented ones got stars too and some Wimmick had stars all over them. One day he met a wooden girl name Lucia, she was a girl he met.

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