Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Every Tuesday Room 6 always went to the hall and practice Taekwon-do inside the hall, but first we have to take off our sock and shoes and then we line up and go to the hall. When we got there we have to get into four group and line up inside the hall, and then we have to wait for our teacher her name is Mrs Robinson she told us lots about the Taekwon-do and where she come from.

After when she talk to us about the where she come from, she told us to get into four line and then the other who stand in the front they get to the big soft thing. We have to bunch it or kick it 10 time and then we have to run down to the other side of the wall and touch it and then come back and stand on the line.
After that she told us how to kick high and kick low,
and we have to hold each other hands and then we have to try to get it out and, after that she told us to sit down and have a rest and she talk to us about all that stuff.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Melissa Ingram

Melissa Ingram, Swimming
Melissa Ingram is an Olympics athlete she always try her best to win and she always represent her country. Melissa Ingram is 27 her gender is F,
and her height is 178cm /5’10” and her weight 67 kg /148 lbs.
Melissa Ingram is an amazing swimmer she like to try different kind of sports but she only have to focus on her swimming because that the very important thing to win the Olympics. Melissa goes to a club call the North Shore swimming,  New Zealand, she does not have enough time to played other sports because she her swimming lesson, but when she free she like to played different kind of sports.
Melissa Ingram love swimming and that her favourite sports she always love to represent our country.

From Meleseini.....

Howick Historcal Village

  Howick Historical Village.

In the morning we had to line up and do our prayer. And then we could go because our bus was waiting for us. Our teacher said to line up again so the little kids can go to the bus first.

When we got  inside we were so  excited. When we got there we eat our lunch and then we went to our first activities. First we went to the big white house, to play games. First we line up and do our game and then we could go because the other classes a waiting.So we went our next activities it was the school, some of the class were scared and some were not.

She talk to us about the county that queen Victoria rules. After that the teacher said to us if you want to write with the ink our  pen but it made out of rock.  Some people were writing with the ink and nip the other people were writing with the pen, and we have to write down the words that say Whatever you do, do it well  and we have to write it down the same ways. After school we have to go to our third activities, our third activities was to make trolley. Mrs White “told us to get in to four group and work as a team”.

So we did work as a team but some group didn’t want to be in the same group. The people was in my group was Asi,Dawn Lopeti,Jay, Ezra and a little help from Viliami’s mum. After making trolley we have to go to our latest activities  was to look around the village and we have to race. Whoever can find the thing that not belong there they won, after that we all have to go and get our bags and line so we can go to school.

The End......


My Goal

My goal.

My goal for reading is to read more and get more information.

My goal for math is to work hard at math.

My goal for writing is to spell the words right.

My goal for term two is to be a good leader.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Olympics event

My favourite game from the Olympics is swimming because I like looking at the people who dive under water and having a race and sometime people come from different country to played Olympics and try their favourite games.
Swimming is  cool and a fun sports,  people try their best to win the games and make their country happy. Swimming can be really hard for some people because I think It's a little bit hard for them.  The players in the Olympics games is very proud what they have done with their games. The people who is having a race in the pool they try their best to win the games.


My Hero.

This is my the three people that have inspired me to be good which is my Mum Dad and Jesus they are the three people who want me to be good.
My Mum represent the clothes because she like wearing nice clothes.
My Dad represent the Tonang cross because he believed in his Tongan culture.
The rosary represent Jesus because he is powerful man.
By Meleseini

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


My mum is the best. My mum is the best because she loves me and does anything for me, and she always looks after me when I'm sick. She loves me very much. My mum is very funny she makes me laugh every day. My mum listens to me when i tell her a story. My mum is the best mum because she cares for me and she always says goodnight to me at night and she always makes me food when I’m hungry. My mum takes me everywhere she goes. My mum raised me ever since I was a baby she loves me. My mum is so beautiful and very funny and she will never stop loving me and I will never stop loving her.