Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The sacrifice

Today Saint Pius X school went to the to celebrate the Passion and Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus died on the cross for our sin, I thank Jesus for dying  on the cross for me.  Today at mass we played an act about Jesus died on the cross  to save so many peoples lives.  I was one of the ladies that stood  beside Jesus when he carried the heavy cross, There was Mary, Veronica and I.  I was the other ladies who stood beside Mary. Veronica washed Jesus face with a towel and she stood beside us, When Jesus walked past us and we started to cry I tried to cry but nothing work.

The other part was how Jesus raised from the dead we ran to tell the villages and a angels appears from know where and he said “he is not there he is raisen from the dead”. WE have to act like that we were scared so we ran back again.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ash Wednesday

Wednesday 13 February 2013.

This morning the whole school went the the church for the opening mass.  Room 7 people came and hang their bags and went to the church straight away and wait for the other classes to come in, I was really nervous for my first reading.  We have a new priest in our school his name was father Loane, we stood up and sang beautifully even the reader read beautifully with a big smile on her faces.  We sat back down and waited for father to talk to us. He talk to us about where he come from and everything about himself, the readers went to the front and read and we all respond. It’s time for the final hem we got up and sing and father went outside and waited for the people to come outside and he can shake people's hands.


In the last two days Room 6 and 7 line up to  go to field for triathlon practices.  We saw all the pikes, cones and flags. Room 7 went  running first, and Room 6 went biking, Room 7 got in two groups.   Room 7 was ready to run first we raced each other then it’s was my turn I feeled so nervous because it’s my first time doing triathlon, I ran as fast as I could and I made it to the cones and do three stars jumps then we raced back again, it’s was so tiring after every ones turn, we got up and do 10 star jumps again.

Then we ran again, we ran to the end of the cones and ran back it’s was the most tiring thing that I had ever done. Then our time was up we have to switch we went biking, the biking was even harder we raced to the end of the fence and race back to get our bike. I got on my bike and I put on my helmet and paddled as fast as I could It’s was so tiring I came and parked my bike and I put my helmet on the ground. I had a really amazing experience learning about triathlon. Tomorrow we all gonna race all the way to the end but the fun part is we are gonna have a  water slide it’s gonna be soapy and slippery, I can’t wait to slide it’s will be fantastic

shared lunch

Today we all went and got our soul friends and went to the field for our shared lunch.  My soul friends name was Ana-Lisa she is in Room 5, she is Tongan like me.  We all gather up in the field, so we can share our lunch with our soul friend,  I shared my launch with Ana-Lisa. The Mrs Tuis took some photos of us eating, It’s an awesome day to have our shared lunch.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Bio Poem

Meleseini is my name
 Short,Funny,Annoying, Creative
 Sibling of Ilaisaane,Christine,Manuekaho
 Lover of Art 
 Who fears Snakes 
 Who needs need help with my work. 
Who gives I give pencil’s
 Who would like to see Canda Resident of New Zealand 
 Puletau is my last name.