Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The sacrifice

Today Saint Pius X school went to the to celebrate the Passion and Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus died on the cross for our sin, I thank Jesus for dying  on the cross for me.  Today at mass we played an act about Jesus died on the cross  to save so many peoples lives.  I was one of the ladies that stood  beside Jesus when he carried the heavy cross, There was Mary, Veronica and I.  I was the other ladies who stood beside Mary. Veronica washed Jesus face with a towel and she stood beside us, When Jesus walked past us and we started to cry I tried to cry but nothing work.

The other part was how Jesus raised from the dead we ran to tell the villages and a angels appears from know where and he said “he is not there he is raisen from the dead”. WE have to act like that we were scared so we ran back again.

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