Monday, June 17, 2013

Swimming Pool

Tuesday 18 June 2013

Room 7 didn't get to swim until week 6. Friday 14 June room 7 was so excited for swimming, we got in two groups year 7 and 8 just to see how good we are at swimming then we can get in to our main groups. The year 7 got into the pool first, then the year 8 stood outside the pool. The pool was bigger the last last year but it’s a bit cold. Time ran out for the year 7, the got out of the pool carefully than the year 8 got inside. We climbed up the stairs, then turned around and go backwards into the water.

Splash! Splash! in the water having fun  and enjoying ourselves. We learn a few lesson inside the water. We practice freestyle and we even tried holding our breath under water.. I had an amazing exiprenerenes in the water, and learning how to swim. Can’t wait to swim again.

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