Thursday, August 9, 2012

Howick Historcal Village

  Howick Historical Village.

In the morning we had to line up and do our prayer. And then we could go because our bus was waiting for us. Our teacher said to line up again so the little kids can go to the bus first.

When we got  inside we were so  excited. When we got there we eat our lunch and then we went to our first activities. First we went to the big white house, to play games. First we line up and do our game and then we could go because the other classes a waiting.So we went our next activities it was the school, some of the class were scared and some were not.

She talk to us about the county that queen Victoria rules. After that the teacher said to us if you want to write with the ink our  pen but it made out of rock.  Some people were writing with the ink and nip the other people were writing with the pen, and we have to write down the words that say Whatever you do, do it well  and we have to write it down the same ways. After school we have to go to our third activities, our third activities was to make trolley. Mrs White “told us to get in to four group and work as a team”.

So we did work as a team but some group didn’t want to be in the same group. The people was in my group was Asi,Dawn Lopeti,Jay, Ezra and a little help from Viliami’s mum. After making trolley we have to go to our latest activities  was to look around the village and we have to race. Whoever can find the thing that not belong there they won, after that we all have to go and get our bags and line so we can go to school.

The End......


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