Thursday, August 9, 2012

Melissa Ingram

Melissa Ingram, Swimming
Melissa Ingram is an Olympics athlete she always try her best to win and she always represent her country. Melissa Ingram is 27 her gender is F,
and her height is 178cm /5’10” and her weight 67 kg /148 lbs.
Melissa Ingram is an amazing swimmer she like to try different kind of sports but she only have to focus on her swimming because that the very important thing to win the Olympics. Melissa goes to a club call the North Shore swimming,  New Zealand, she does not have enough time to played other sports because she her swimming lesson, but when she free she like to played different kind of sports.
Melissa Ingram love swimming and that her favourite sports she always love to represent our country.

From Meleseini.....

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