Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Every Tuesday Room 6 always went to the hall and practice Taekwon-do inside the hall, but first we have to take off our sock and shoes and then we line up and go to the hall. When we got there we have to get into four group and line up inside the hall, and then we have to wait for our teacher her name is Mrs Robinson she told us lots about the Taekwon-do and where she come from.

After when she talk to us about the where she come from, she told us to get into four line and then the other who stand in the front they get to the big soft thing. We have to bunch it or kick it 10 time and then we have to run down to the other side of the wall and touch it and then come back and stand on the line.
After that she told us how to kick high and kick low,
and we have to hold each other hands and then we have to try to get it out and, after that she told us to sit down and have a rest and she talk to us about all that stuff.

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